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Big Munson Island - SeaBase 2021

Troop 1970 is all about activities - we try and put together a campout/outing once a month which the Troop chooses at the beginning of the year - whether it is white water rafting in PA, or biking down a mountain alongside a historic train - Troop 1970 aims to bring fun and adventure to all members of the Troop!

Here are just a few of the fun activities we have done . . . 

Halloween Cycling Camp Out

Even during Covid - we got out (socially distanced) as a Troop and had fun, our Haloween bike ride is something of a tradition. 


"Rockin' Rock Climbing

Got a head for heights? We done in-door and out-door rock climbing events!


Summer Camp

Summer Camp is for all scouts - we spend a week at a BSA camp where scouts can earn merit badges, do fun activities and generally "get back to nature" with their Troop friends.


Seabase High Adventure Week

Seabase in the Florida Keys is just one of the High Adventure camps we visit each summer - sailing, snorkeling, fishing, paddle boarding, island camping . . . to name a few.


Requirements Campout

Every so often we will do a requirements campout - so the Scouts can work on specific merit badge/rank requirements and also earn camping nights. 


Biking and Historic Train Ride

Riding the historic Frostburg Flyer up the mountain with our bikes, flying back down 12 miles of mountain bike trails to Cumberland for dinner, and "hanging out" over the historic Pow Pow tunnel.

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