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Contactless Payment
Troop 1970 Privacy Policy 

Troop 1970 follows the privacy policies of both the National Capital Area Counsel and the BSA.

Any personal information you provide to us via our online forms, for the purpose of scouting activities or inquiries is kept in the strictest confidence and only used to provide meaningful responses to your requests.

For our Mulch customers - all financial information provided via online sales is done so through PayPal and is subject to their terms and conditions - Troop 1970 does not use that information for any other purpose than the delivery of goods and services in relation to our mulch fundraiser and does not store any financial information. Names, address, email address, and phone numbers, as well as part order history, is tracked and used for the sole purpose of delivering service and contacting our clients for future services - at any time, customers can 'opt out of the online mailing by following the 'opt out' link attached to each email.

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